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IKMF krav maga practitioner 4 dvd Summary

Thedvd contain video of the techniques from 3 different angel up side and front

This are the technique needed to pass level 4 test in krav maga.

All technique done by the masters of krav maga Avi Moyal and Gabi Noah

This are the list of subject the dvd has

Practitioner Level 4

A.  Dealing with fall

B.  Kicks

C.  Defense Vs Low Straight Punches

D.   Inside Forearm Defenses Vs Punches – With High Elbow low hand

E.  Defense Vs. Combination of Two Straight Punches – Left/Right

F.  Defense Vs. Combination Of  Punches (Use outside and inside defenses)

G.  Defenses Vs. High Roundhouse Kick:

H.   Releases From Chokes

I.  Release From Headlocks (choke/strangle)

  1. Releases from Full Nelson

K.  Defense Against Stick Attack – Overhead Swing

L.   Fighting games – Defending Previously Unknown Attacks

M.  Fighting Skills.

N   Simulation and tactics

available as PAL or NTSC